On New Year's Eve 2014, the idea for this website arose, as a result of the annually recurring theme "will I once again try to quit smoking in 2015?".

I reluctantly decided to have a smoke-free 2015. On January 2, feeling horrible, i tried to search for ways to encourage myself. The first idea that emerged was to ask friends to sponsor me, but i quickly realised that none of my friends would give me money for my intention to quit smoking. So I had to figure out how i could persuade my friends to support me in my fight against the cigarette.

A few seconds later the Youlcee concept was born.

What if I would link my challenge to a Charity Project and ask my friends and family to sponsor me. If  I reach my goal, their money would go to a charity organisation. And if I would not reach it, the sponsored money would return to my sponsors?  From a financial and technical perspective, it is not feasible to reimburse the sponsors. In return they will receive credits on the website to be allocated to other challenges.

With this concept in mind I started elaborating this website. And now, more than a year later, the site is ready and I'm still a non-smoker. So it has worked for me and I truly hope that this website can support other people in achieving their challenges.

Both Nicky, An and Nele have joined Youlcee as volunteers, willing to blog about their experiences in trying to live a healthy life. And Eva is helping us out with the website.