FAQ Sponsors

FAQ Sponsors

Visitor (without a profile)

Question: What can I do as a non-registered visitor?


Without registering, you can check all the available information. 

You will be asked to create a profile for any of the actions listed underneath:

  • You want to start up an individual or groups-challenge
  • You want to follow or report as inappropriate a Challenge, a Company, an Event or a Charity Project
  • You want to sponsor a Challenge
  • You want to create an Event
  • You want to add a company or start up a Charity Project


Question: Why would i sponsor someone?


By sponsoring, you help two times:

  •  You are supporting the challenger in achieving his  / her goals. 
  •  and your donation will go to a charity project.


On top of that the Charity Organisation created a project meaning that it is directly clear what your contribution will be used for. This is more exciting than having just a bankaccountnumber where the money vanishes into?

Question: Why am I charged on top of the selected amount when sponsoring?


When you want to sponsor a challenge, you can only chose a fixed amount (varying between 5 and 500 €).

Depending on the Payment method, You will get extra charged. This extra charge is the Bank Transfer Cost.

So for example if you pay 5€ With PayPal, you will get charged 5.7€ - the 0.7€ will go to the Bank and Online Payment Provider.
But if you chose iDeal as a Payment method, you will get charged 5.3€ - the 0.3 € will go the Bank and Online Payment Provider.

this ensures the 5 € will get into the Youlcee platform and if the challenger succeeds, the 5€ will go entirely to the Charity project.

Youlcee BVBA will not take a percentage on any sponsoring made.


Question: What happens to my donation?


Your donation will get stored on a separate bankaccount. The money will remain on the account until the closure of the challenge (you sponsored). Depending on the result of the Challenger the money will go to the Charity project or will return to the Sponsor (in the form of credits on the website). 

The amount of money that will get transferred will also depend on the module selected by the Challenger

HERO-Module: Every bit counts!!! Let's say someone committed to walk 100 km in one go but only walked 80. The challenger will be able to mark a 80% succesrate, resulting in 80% of the donations going to the Charity organisation and 20% returning to the Sponsors  (as credits on the website)

SUPERHERO-module: All or Nothing. This is fr the Die-hard fans. Let's say the challenger managed to walk 98 out of the promissed 100 km, all money will return to the Sponsors (as credits  on the website)

Question: Why am i redirected to another page when making a donation?


When making a donation, you will get forwarded to the Mollie Payment website.

Mollie N.V. is a Netherlands-based company providing online- Payment facilities.

You can find back more information via their website https://www.mollie.com/en/  . You can find back the rates the apply as well as all information regarding the company itself.


Question: How do i get credits?


You only can get credits if you sponsored a challenge that did not end up 100% succesfully. Depending on the results of the challenger part of your donation (or the entire amount) will get returned to you as credits on the website.

Question: How can I trace back the amount of credits i own?


Log on to your profile and select the SPONSORSHIP & CREDITS tab

In here you will find the amount of credits that have been returned on top. Just below it you can see how you received them (via which challenge).

Question: Can I get my credits cashed back?


Unfortunatly this is not possible.

All sponsored money need to end up at a Charity organisation. this is the purpose of the website and should be the intention of any donation. As such credits or donated money will never be returned.

Question: Can I buy credits to assign them at later stage to challenges?


Currently , the only way to get credits is by sponsoring a Challenger who does not end his challenge successfully. Only in this instance will you get credits in return.