Make a difference together!

Join forces and raise funds for a charity organisation

Subscribe your company

Let your company join and support its staff in their challenges and the charity projects of their choice.

A company that joins take over the registration costs of its staff.
So instead of the challenger paying the € 10 registration fee, the company will .

There are three different modules with different features and benefits: Silver, Gold and Platinum module.



 Annual enrollment for 50€

  • - Get your Company-specific webpage
  • - Cover all subscription fees of your employees
  • - Add your Company logo
  • - Add a Company description



Annual enrollment for 250€

  • - All benefits of the Silver module
  • - with the following extra's: 
  • - Add a link to your company website
  • - Quarterly reports containing the Company-internal achievements. 
  • - Possibility to set up an automated sponsoring of your employees. 


Annual enrollment for 1.000€

  • - All benefits of the Gold module
  • - with the following extras: 
  • - Ability to create multiple units within the company (such as business units or geographic entities)
  • - Monthly report about the company-internal performance
  • - Monthly report about the company results in comparison to other participating companies