Let your Charity Project inspire people!

Charity projects already inspiring people

  • Plopsa Smile dag 2020

    Country: Belgium
    Target: €6,500
    Raised: €25
    # Challenges: 1

  • Dagboekjes voor de kleine superheld...

    Country: Belgium
    Target: 31/12/2019
    Raised: €70
    # Challenges: 1

  • Asielstapper 2019!

    Country: Belgium
    Target: 31/12/2019
    Raised: €1,735
    # Challenges: 1

  • Blindmeters sensibilisering

    Country: Belgium
    Target: 31/05/2019
    Raised: €0
    # Challenges: 0

  • Dagboekjes voor kleine superhelden

    Country: Belgium
    Target: 20/04/2019
    Raised: €345
    # Challenges: 4

Why would I start a Project on Youlcee?

As a registered non-profit organization, there are many reasons to participate

  • A project start-up is free of charge and no money is skimmed from the sponsors.
  • Via the website you can directly get in touch with the challengers who want to help your project.
  • By updating your project regularly, your project gets extra attention
  • You can easily increase the awareness and action radius

How to start up a Charity project on Youlcee

There are some basic conditions that must be met.

  • A project can only be started on behalf of a registered non-profit organisation.
  • You must be authorized by this non-profit organisation to register on the Youlcee website.
  • You should have read the Terms and Conditions and the conditions specified therein.

If the conditions have been met, fill in the template in order to start up a project.
We will contact you as soon as possible.