“I will read one book per month between 01/01/2017 & 01/12/2017”

Charity: WNF,Geef jij de gorilla een veilig bos?

hero Hilde Heyer (Individual-Challenge)

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This is the Charity Project of my choice!

Geef jij de gorilla een veilig bos?

De oostelijke laaglandgorilla wordt van alle kanten bedreigd. De laatste twintig jaar is de populatie met drie kwart afgenomen. Voornaamste oorzaken zijn mijnbouw en stroperij. Maar we kunnen met z’n allen echt iets doen!

Voor 250 euro kunnen we de rangers die de gorilla’s beschermen, voorzien van een nauwkeurig GPS-systeem. Hiermee kunnen zij gorilla’s in de gaten houden en sneller ter plekke zijn als er stropers worden gespot. Met de twintig GPS-toestellen die wij aan de rangers willen doneren, zal het bos een stuk veiliger worden!


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THIS GREAT CHARITY IS organised by the fine people of WNF


I went to visit my family and spend many hours on trains going there - plenty of reading time. Then the weather was nice and I could just read in the garden, sitting on the "Hollywood Schaukel", enjoying the view towards the forest. I was also reading while enjoying summer sun at the local swimming pool. Perfect short summer vacation. And what did I read?

"The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, first published in 1985. I picked it because I so want to watch the TV show which just came out and because it is already a feminist classic. All there is probably to say about it, has been said. It is a really good book. Read it!

It is a page-turning tour through every conceivable female nightmare.
Loss of independence. Enslavement at the hands of men. Rape. Violence. Losing a child. Being thought of as less-than for being childless. And in addition to all those things: No reading. No writing. No speaking unless spoken to. All of it is state-sanctioned.
Your body is no longer your own. YOU are no longer your own.

I say it again: Read it!