How it Works

How it works

Step 1

Start a challenge

Everyone has a challenge. Which one is yours?1

Most probably you already have something in mind that you would like to achieve. Some people will have:

a physical challenge - like lose some weight, quit smoking, run a marathon or learn to swim,

a mental challenge - like pass an examination, get a driving licence or participate at a chess-competition

an environmental challenge - like eat vegetarian or only bio-food  or reduce your ecological footprint 

  • ACCOUNT: Create an account via Facebook or by using an emailaddress. The creation of an account is free of charge. 


  • CHALLENGE: Define your challenge or select the Event you would like to participate at. If the event is not available you can create it yourself. A Challenge can last for maximally a year. A challenge can be either an individual or a groupschallenge. It should look like :
    • I will (not) > do something > on day 1 or
    • I will (not) > do something > before day 1or
    • I will (not) > do something > between day 1 and day 2
    • We will (not) > do something > on day1/ before day 1 or between day 1  and day 2


  • HERO or SUPERHERO: Determine how serious you want to commit to your challenge by selecting one of the following modes 

HERO = Each % counts. If you completed 60% of your challenge, 60% will get transferred to the charity organisation and 40% will return to your sponsors as credits on the website.

SUPERHERO = The "All or Nothing" principle  Only if you succeed, the money will get transferred to the charity organisation. Otherwise the money will return to your sponsors as credits on the website.

Step 2

Choose a Charity Project

Choose a Charity Project you care about

  • CHARITY PROJECT: The next action is to select a charity organisation that appeals to you. You can filter on location of the project or the type of Charity work (Environmental protection, International Aid,...). 

Select one of the available projects and - when your challenge has been completed succesfully - the sponsored money will get transferred to this Charity organistation. Money will only get transferred after completion of your challenge.

A Charity project will have either an enddate or a budget. After the enddate expired or if the budget has been met, it will not be possible to link a new challenge to this project.

  • COMPANY COUPON: After selecting the Charity project you can link your challenge to the company you work for. If the company you are working subscribed to Youlcee, they will send you a coupon-code that you can use here. By using the coupon, your challenge will get linked to the company page and if applicable you might receive a sponsoring in return.


If this is not applicable, you just clck on proceed and your challenge will get loaded.

Step 3

Search for sponsors

Share your challenge on social media and search for sponsors

As of now your challenge has been created and loaded on the website. meaning that your friends, family or visitors can sponsor your Challenge.

In order to inform your friends and family about your challenge, you can share it via

  • Facebook / Twitter  / LinkedIn


The link they will receive will lead them directy to your challenge on the Youlcee website. They are one-click away from sponsoring you now. Your sponsors will need to create an account - so that credits can be returned in case you would not reach your goal.

There are additional ways to attract attention:

  • when creating a new Challenge, it will pop up on top of the list. As such any visitor will see your challenge first
  • each time you add an update in your Challenge, your challenge will pop-up on top of the overview
  • your challenge will pop-up on top of the overview again, for each new donation you received
  • when closing the Challenge it will appear a last time in the overview


By making regular updates, informing your visitors on the progress you are making, you will probably attract more sponsors. So keep it going! For groupchallenges only the adminsitrator can make updates.

Step 4

Reach your goal

Reach your goal and the funds raised will go to the Charity Project

On the last day of your challenge, you will receive a mail asking to close your challenge by marking the level of success.

If you selected previously the HERO mode, you can mark the succeslevel in Percentage. If you lost 7 out of the 10 kilo, you mark the challenge as 70% successful. Upon confirmation, the challenge will get closed and 70% of the donated money will go to the charity project. 30% will return to the sponsors (as credits on the website).

If you selected the SUPERHERO mode, you can mark your challenge either as successful or not successful. If marked successful, all money will get transferred to the Charity project. If marked as not Successful, all money will return to your Sponsors (as credits on the website).

If you do not close your challenge within 21 days after the enddate, your challenge will get marked automatically as no succesful



Start a challenge now to make a difference!