FAQ Events

FAQ Events

Start an Event

Question: Do I need to pay to have an event added on Youlcee?


No, the creation of an event on Youlcee is free of charge.

Question: Do I need a profile to create an event?


Yes, this is required. Note that the creation of a profile is free of charge. You only need one profile on youlcee in order to start up a challenge, create or manage an event or to sponsor a friend.

Question: The event I am participating at is not listed? Can I create it myself?


Before you create an event, please check first if the event isn't listed yet. You can search via event name or date.

If the event is not loaded, you can create one yourself. An event can either host individual challenges or groepchallenges. If needed 2 events can be created to both host indivual as groupschallenges.

When creating the event , you will be asked if you are a participant or a member of the organisation. Make sure you select the right answer.

If at any given moment, the organisation of the Event wants to take ownership of the event, they can request a transfer. Upon agreement the Event-organisation will receive the ownership of the event, for them to promote and follow up.

Question: Can I create an event without a Challenge linked to it?


An event is an organised happening defined in time where multiple people share the same Challenge, like "running a Marathon in Paris on 12/06/yyyy" or "finishing at the Triathlon in London on 24/07/yyyy". Meaning that if someone participates at an event he/she will be sharing the same challenge with the other participants. An event can host either individual challenges or groupchallenges. A combination of both is not possible and 2 events will need to be created to host both possibilities.

So when you create the event in Youlcee it is essential that you define the challenge linked to it. Make it as general possible. If your event has different challenges create an entry per challenge, like:

  • I > will > run the 5 km Ladies Run in Madrid > on 18/06/yyyy  (Event 1 - individual)
  • I > will > run the 10 km Men's Run in Madrid > on 18/06/yyyy (Event 2 - individual)
  • We > will > run the 10 km Men's Run in Madrid > on 18/06/yyyy (Event 3 - groups)

Question: Can I revoke people from my event? Can I manage who can and can not participate?


An event in youlcee is a public happening. meaning that anyone who can participate to your event, should be allowed to link their challenge to your event.

If you intend to have a more private happening where only a limited set of people can join, you would be better of to create a groupchallenge. In a groupchallenge the admin can list up to 24 participants. Example:

  • We > will > bake 500 pancakes on dd/mm/yyyy

Manage an Event

Question: There are 2 events created for one happening. Can they be merged?


In case 2 events have been created for the same happening, it is possible to merge them, on condition that the challenge linked to it is the same. However it is not possible to merge an event enabling group)cahllenges with an event created for individual challenges.

The 2 Event-admins will need to determine which event will remain in the system and who will be the admin. In case double events has been created, the one created by the event-organisation will be leading.

To report the double entry, use the contact template

Question: Although I created the event, I would like to pass on the Admin role. Is that possible?


It is possible to request a transfer of the admin role. These are the steps to take:

  1. The person replacing you needs to create a profile
  2. You need to fill out the contact template with the following information: your name and emailaddress, the emailaddress of the person replacing you and the name of your Event.


Upon receipt we will change the admin role

Question: Can I delete a challenge from my event?


No this is not possible. If the challenger participates (or intends to) at your event, then he/she should be ale to link it to your challenge.

If the content of the challenge itself is inappropriate, you have the possibility to report it. To do so , open the challenge and click on the report button (just below the challengers name). We will take it up with the challenger.


Social Media

Question: How do I post my event on Social Media?


To post your challenge to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you must be logged on first

  • Now select the "MY GROUPS,COMPANIES AND EVENTS" Tab in the Personal (green) menu
  • Select the edit button next to the event you want to post
  • Within the event you wil now see the links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or the path to your challenge you can use to mail.


As from here you can post directly to Social media

Close an Event

Question: Do i need to close the event I created?


No it is not necessary to close the event. Once the enddate passed, the event will automatically change into a closed status