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FAQ Companies

Add a company

Question: How do I add my company to Youlcee?


As there is a cost involved for companies to subscribe, you should first of all be authorised by your company to sign a contract. The actual cost depends on the company-module, the number of employees and the amount the company wants to sponsor each employee.

More information can be found in the Terms & Conditions

In order to subscribe your company - fill out the template and we will contact you as soon as possible and send you the information in more detail.

Question: Does it make sense for a small company to subscribe?


It depends on the amount of motivated employees.

If you have more than 5 employees willing to commit to their challenge - then it surely makes sense to subscribe. If you will have difficulties finding 3 employees to open a challenge, you will be better of by sponsoring your employees without setting up a company in the system. It will be cheaper by supporting the individual challenges (when sponsoring them, use the companyname as alias). But the disadvantage will be that your company will not appear in any of the overviews.

Question: Can i only get a one-year contract?


Yes,  we only set up companies for a year. During that year, all employees of the company can start up a challenge by using the company coupon.  After the one-year period the contract can be prolonged with a year or can be stopped.

When the contract has ended, the company coupon will be deactivated and no new challenges can be linked to the company.  The open challenges created via a company coupon will remain open until the challenger will close his or her challenge.

Silver, Gold and Platinum Module

Question: What is the difference between the 3 different modules?


A company can enroll in one of the three modules.

The Silver module is the most simple one:

  • You can load your description and logo on the company page.
  • With this module, the company takes over the registration costs of its staff. In return, the employees connect their challenge to the company.
  • However, there is no report available and it is not possible to sponsor staff automatically .


The Golden module has various extra's available: 

  • You can automatically sponsor your employees.
  • In addition to automatically to the logo and descrition, you can add  a link to your coprorate website
  •  A handy quarterly report with clear information - perfect for your internal company communication

The Platinum module has got the following extras included:

  • the possibility of splitting the company pages into departments (to allow some fun competition between different offices, locations or departments within your company)
  • a monthly report with clear figures (external report: how  does the company performs  in comparison to other companies) (internal report: review how the departments perform in relation to each other)

Question: As of what module will i get a reporting?


For the Silver module there is no reporting foreseen.

For the Gold module there is a quarterly reporting foreseen.  This report will show the performance of the different employees within the company

For the Platinum module there is a Monthly reporting foreseen. This report will show both the performance of the different employees within the company as the performance of your company in comparison to other participating companies.


Question: How will we get charged?


Your company will be billed initially for the start-up fee. 

In addition, if you agreed to sponsor your employees, you will be billed on monthly base for each challenge created, using your company coupon code.

So if you agreed to sponsor each employee 10 € and 7 employees started in January a challenge, you will receive an invoice beginning February for 70 €. The 70€ will entirely be transferred to the charity organisation upon closure of the challenge.

Question: Can we receive Tax certificates for our gifts?


In order to receive tax certificates, the following conditions must be met:

  1. charities must be able to issue tax certificates.
  2. per "charity" at least 40 euros must be transferred annually.
  3. your company must be based / taxable in Belgium and 

Manage a company

Question: What am i supposed to do as a Company-Admin?


The admin role shouldn't be too time-consuming.  The following actions are required when starting up a company.

  1. ensure the company information is up to date (like logo, description, background picture and link to the company website)
  2. ensure the employees are informed about the participation of the company
  3. inform the employees about the company code they should use when creating a challenge (in case of a platinum module - the code changes per sub-company)

Question: Can i transfer the Admin-role to a colleague?


In order to change the admin of a company, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. The person replacing you needs to create a profile
  2. You need to fill out the template with the following information: Your emailaddress and name, the emailaddress of your replacement and the name of your Company.

Upon receipt, we will replace the administrator

Question: Is it possible to have multiple Company Admins?


This is only possible with a Platinum module. In a Platinum module it is possible to create sub-companies and each subcompany can have its own administrator.

It is not possible to have multiple administrators for a Silver or Gold company or for a single subcompany

Social media

Question: How do I post my company information on Social Media?


To post your challenge on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you must first be logged on

  • Now select the "My Groups, Companies and Events" Tab in the Personal (green) menu
  • Select the edit button next to the company for which you want to create a post
  • Within the company you wil now see the links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or theURL you can use to mail.

End of Contract

Question: What happens after the contract finished?


After the contract ended, it will not be possible for your employees to start up a new challenge. The existing challenges will remain open for maximally another year. Once all challenges are closed, the final results will get displayed. These results will remain visible, even after the expiration of the contract.

Before the expiration of the contract, the Youlcee team will contact you for an eventual prolongiation of the contract.

Question: What if a challenge linked to our company fails?


It is possible that some of your employees fail or partially succeed in their challenge.

in case of private sponsorship credits can return to the sponsors, if a challnge is not successful. However for corporate sponsoring, it works slightly different. The automatic sponsorship of the company is paid out to the charity organisation, even if the challenge is not or partially achieved. As a company you will therefore not get any credits back if a challenge is not successful.