FAQ Charity

FAQ Charity

Start a Charity project

Question: How do I start a Charity project on Youlcee?


If you want to start up a Charity project, you should first check the Terms & Conditions of the website. Some requirements are specified in the section for Charity organisations. The most important requirements are:

  1. You can only request a project in name of a Non-Profit organisation
  2. The Non-profit Organisation needs to be officially registered and
  3. You need to be entitled to request the project in name of this Organisation.


If you meet these basic requirements, please fill out the contact template and we will contact you for a first introduction

Question: What is the difference between a Project with a budget and a project with an end date?


When you start up a project with a budget, your project will remain open until the budget has been met. Once the budget has been met, it is not possible to link new Challenges to your Project. But the Challengers already linked to your project, can continue to raise funds even if the budget has been met.

It makes more sense to create projects with an enddate in case of emergencies. Then there is no limitation as far as the budget concerns. You can raise as much money as you want to before a specific date. But note that challenges ending after the enddate can not link their challenge to your Charity project.

Example: If you want to raise as much money before 01/05/2017, the challenger running the marathon on 15/07/2017 can not link his challenge to your project. As his challenge expires after your project.

Question: Is there a cost to start up a Charity project?


No, there is no start up cost at all.

And in contrast to most of the other fundraising pages, Youlcee will not take a percentage on the donations given by Sponsors. Your Charity organisation will receive all funds minus the banktransfer fees.

Manage a Charity Project

Question: Can I edit my project?


Sure, you can edit or change a lot to your project. However there is some data that can not be modified.

The following fields that can not be modified are:

  • the bank account originally filled out in the template
  • the budget required (if applicable)
  • the end date of the project (if applicable)


If it is really a requirement to have the above listed info changed, you should contact the Youlcee administrator via the contact template

Question: Can I transfer the ownership of the project to a colleague


It is possible to request a transfer of the admin role. These are the steps to take:

  1. The person replacing you needs to create a profile. The profile needs to be created with an emailaddress belonging to the same Non-Profit Organisation as the original admin.
  2. You need to fill out the contact template with the following information: your emailaddress and name, the emailaddress of your replacement and the name of your project


Upon receipt, we will change the admin role on your behalf

Question: Can I refuse a challenge(r)?


No you can't refuse a challenge or a challenger.

However if you think the content of a challenge is inappropriate, you can report the challenge. open the challenge and under the name of the Challenger, you will find the report button. Fill out the information and we will take care of it.

Social Media

Question: How can I post my Charity project on Social Media?


To post your Charity project to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you must be logged on first

  • Now select the "MY PROJECTS" Tab in the Personal (green) menu (this one is only available if you have been identified by Youlcee as a project administrator).
  • Select the edit button next to the project you want to post
  • Within the Charity project you wil now see the links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or the path to your challenge you can use to mail.


As from here you can post directly to Social media

Close a Charity Project

Question: Do I need to close my project when it is completed?


A project does not need to get closed. This happens automatically. 

  • A project with an end date will close automatically the day after the end date. For this type of project, all challenges linked to it will be closed and the money will be transferred to the Charity organisation. It will remain possible to update the project and to add more information. But it will not be possible to link a new challenge to this project anymore.
  • A project with a budget defined will close once the budget has been reached. lLosed means that no new challenges can get linked to this project. The ongoing challenges still can raise money for the charity project. As such it is possible to raise more money than requested as a budget. But take into account that not all challengers will end the challenge successfully, meaning that some of the money can return to the sponsors (in form of credits on the website).