FAQ Challenges

FAQ Challenges

Start a Challenge

Question: What is the difference between an individual and a group Challenge?


When you start a challenge, you will be prompted (in step 2) to choose between an individual and a groupschallenge. 

Whereas the individual challenge concerns just yourself , the groupchallenge will enable you to add up to 24 participants to the challenge. The person raising the groupchallenge will be considered the administrator and will therefore  be the sole person able to update the challenge and to close it. 

Question: I want to run the marathon as a fundraising event. How do I create this kind of challenge?


Before you create your challenge - have a look at the Events and check if your event is already available on Youlcee.

On the overview page you can filter per country or per status. You can sort the info on date of the event. Or you can search by name.

If you have found the event - check the challenge linked to it in the top section. If you want to participate at this event, it will mean that you subscribe to the same challenge.  An event can be either for individual challenges or groupschallenges. A combination of both is not possible.

If the Event is not available, it is easiest to first create the event (as a participant) - check for more info in the FAQ Event section. Once you have created the Event, you can start up your challenge and link it to the Event you just created. Do note that in this scenario you will become the admin of the Event you have created and that other people participating at this Event will be able to link their challenge to your Event.

Question: What is the difference between a Hero and Superhero?


In step 3 when creating a challenge you have to choose between Hero or Superhero:

HERO: When closing your challenge, you can mark how many percent you have achieved. The donations will be divided according to your result. If you agreed to quit smoking for a year, but you have failed after 6 months, you still achieved 50% of your challenge. As such 50% of the fundings will go to charity organisation and 50% will return to the sponsors (as credits on the website).

SUPERHERO: For Superhero's the "all or nothing"principle applies. If you have met the challenge, 100% of the funding will go to the Charity Organisation. If you have not met the challenge, the entire amount will return to the Sponsors (as credits on the website)

Question: I received a company code. How do i use it.


If the company you work for subscribed to Youlcee, the company intends to encourage it's employees to participate. The company will send you a participation code (or company coupon)
As such you can start up your challenge and in Step 5 enter the company code.

If the code is valid, your challenge will get linked to the company page. Your management (depending on the module they selected) might decide to sponsor all challengers using the company coupon, regardless the content of your challenge or the Charity Organisation you selected.

Question: What is the ideal size for the profile and background picture?


Profile picture: the minimum size for the profile picture is 325 x 325 pixels. You will get the best results with square picture (where height and width have the same size). The maximum size is 1000 x 1000 pixels and ideal format is either .jpeg or .png.

Background picture: the ideal format for the background picture is 1350 x 750 pixels. Same format applies here too - either use .jpeg or .png files

Question: How do i add participants to my groupchallenge?


Once you registered your challenge, you will be forwarded to your private account on youlcee.

It will open up on the overview of your challenges and from here you can add the members. Per participant you should fill out a First and Last Name and add a picture (preferably but not obligatory).

At any stage and as long as the challenge is open, you can add additional members with a maximum of 24 people.

It is possible to create a groupchallenge and be the admin of it, without having to add your name as a participant

Manage a challenge

Question: Can I change the description of my challenge?


It is not possible to change the description of the challenge. There are 2 excptions possible:

  • You made a clerical error and you want the text to be corrected - and the requested change has no impact on the nature of the challenge
  • You made a mistake in the nature of the challenge (like wrong date, wrong amount, ...) and the challenge has no sponsors yet.


In these 2 instances it is allowed to request for a modification. Fill out the contact template and we will make the change on your behalf.

Question: How do I update my challenge


If you want to update your challenge, you always need to be logged on first.

  • Then go to MY ACCOUNT > MY CHALLENGES and click on the edit button next to it.
  • Now your challenge opens in the edit mode and now click the WRITE AN UPDATE button
  • An update can contain Text and Pictures or Text and Video.  It is not possible to add multiple pictures or a combination of pictures and a video in a single update. You will need to split up in spearate updates.
  • Then click on the submit button and your update will be loaded


As for group-challenges, only the groupadmin (the person who created the challenge) can update the challenge

Question: What is the best way to load a video?


1. If the video is available on YouTube,  click on the video for it to open


2. If you don't have a YouTube channel

  • send the video you recorded to info@youlcee.com
  • we will load it on the Youlcee YouTube page and we will send you the link that you can embed in the challenge

Social Media

Question: How do I post my challenge on Social Media?


To post your challenge to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you must first be logged on

  • Now select the "MY CHALLENGES" Tab in the Personal (green) menu
  • Select the edit button next to the challenge you want to post
  • Within the challenge you wil now see the links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or the path to your challenge you can use to mail.

Close a Challenge

Question: How do I close my Challenge?


If you want to close your challenge, you always need to be logged on first.

  • Then go to MY ACCOUNT > MY CHALLENGES and click on the edit button next to it.
  • Now your challenge opens in the edit mode and you will have a close button available on top of your Challenge
  • If you selected the Hero-module (when creating your challenge), you will be asked to quote your performance. You can now give a percentage between 0 and 100% achieved. According to the % achieved you filled out, the money you collected will be divided. If you achieved 100% of your challenge, 100% of the gathered money will get transferred to the Charity Organisation. If you only achieved 40% , 40% will get transferred to the Charity project and the remaining 60% will get transferred to the sponsors as credits on the website
  • If you selected the Superhero module, you will get the option to mark your challenge either succesful or not succesful. Depending on your choice all money will go to the charity organisation or will return to the sponsors as credits on the website.


Upon closure of your challenge. your challenge will pop up a last time in the overviews in a closed status.

Question: What happens if I don't close my challenge?


You will be reminded via mail that your challenge is about to end. You will get an extra 3 weeks after the enddate of your challenge - to close it.

After these 3 weeks, your Challenge will get automatically marked as unsuccessful. No exceptions can be made as it concerns an automated set-up.

GDPR - data security

Question: Why do I need to fill out age, gender or date of birth when creating an account?


The following information will solely be used for reporting purposes and will not be shown or forwarded: "Gender, Location and Date of birth

But reportingwise it would be cool to get the confirmation that women are indeed more successful, or that the older generation is more persistant,...

If you want to understand how the data we receive is being handled, please check out the Privacy Disclaimer & Cookie Policy.