Goede Doelen: Bednet

Deadline: 09/09/2017

GOEDE DOELEN: Bednet vzw

Type: Onderwijs & Wetenschap

Website: www.bednet.be

Totaal ingezameld Geld: € 295

Totaal ingezameld Geld: € 295


Bednet takes care that children and youngsters who are absent for a shorter or longer period because of illness, surgery or pregnancy, can continue attending the lessons – from their home and with their own class group. In the educational law it is called: synchronous internet education (SIE) - real-time distance education. It is available for pre-school children from the age of 5, pupils of primary and secondary schools. It applies to all certified state subsidized schools in Flanders and Brussels. The equipment and the counselling is free for schools and families, and this throughout the period in which the child needs it.

Bednet aims at limiting arrears in learning by providing a set of tailor-made lessons. This way 9 children out of 10 succeed in passing on to the next class despite their absence from school. Moreover Bednet makes an opening in the isolation of the child by enabling regular contacts with peers. The illness recedes to the background and the child is temporarily back with friends ‘in his or her class group’. The non-profit organisation always collaborates with the parents, the school and other partners, such as temporary schooling at home, and volunteers form the hospital schools and the organisation ‘School & Ziekzijn’ (school and being ill).


UPDATE 04/07/2017

Noteer vrijdag 9 maart 2018 alvast met stip in je agenda. Dan organiseert Bednet de Nationale Pyjamadag. Dit is onze grote bekendmakingscampagne naar scholen toe. Stuur je (klein)zoon of (klein)dochter, neef of nicht die dag in pyjama naar school uit solidariteit met zieke kinderen en jongeren. Het idee is om een leuke klasfoto in te sturen om onze Bednetters een hart onder de riem te steken. Vorig jaar namen meer dan 1000 scholen deel. Alle info kan je binnenkort lezen op de website van Bednet: www.bednet.be/pyjamadag.